Shark Lipids for Treatment of Malignant Diseases

Annual Meeting of Korean Society of Cancer prevention 2005

Shark Lipids for Treatment of Malignant Diseases

Satoru Furukawa
Heimat Co., Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

Integrated medication should be considered more seriously for treatment of malignant diseases such as cancer. The Second Complimentary and Alternative/Integrated Medicine Forum had been held at Akihabara Convention Center in Tokyo in November 12 2005, sponsored by a newly established NPO “Association for Life Style Related Diseases and Integrated Medicine”.

Lipid fraction extracted from shark muscle came under the spotlight because of its unique biological functions. Dr. P. Davis, the University of Otago in New Zealand, and Prof. K-Y. Park, Pusan National University, presented the research history and mechanism of anti-angiogenic activities of shark lipids extract.

Prof. W. Koestler, president of the Austrian Society of Oncology, presented clinical data of significant effects of shark lipids in combination with other health food supplement on QOL of very advanced cancer patients. Dr. O. Mizukami at Tokyo Adventist Hospital, who has been using shark lipids product for his cancer patients, explained importance of integrative medicine. Dr. S. Grekin, Michigan State University, presented clinical benefits of shark lipids for psoriasis patients.

Potential application of shark lipids extract for malignant disease will be presented using clinical case reports in EU, US and Japan.

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