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Company Philosophy


The pursuit of 3 goals for satisfaction.

  1. The satisfaction that we develop products that contributes to the wellbeing of society.
  2. The satisfaction that we are a company that is needed by society.
  3. The satisfaction that society should have health of mind and body from our efforts

A fulfilling life should involve surprise, sensitivity and curiosity. It has been established that being healthy and able to be physically active together with having a positive attitude are vital elements for a long, quality life. Life is so short. There are so many things that we don’t know! How important curiosity is. Let us satisfy our curiosity about one very important development that is taking place.

One of the biggest changes in the medical industry taking place in the 21st century is in research into regenerative medicine using stem cell therapy. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPS) therapy research is developing rapidly and the practical application of this in medicine is not far away. Stem cell therapy is no longer in the area of science fiction but has become more of a reality.

Currently 60% of deaths due to medical conditions are caused by major diseases such as cancer, cardiac disease and cerebrovascular disease. Osteoporosis and Alzheimer-type dementia diseases are also a risk factor for us simply due to aging. Stem cell therapy will play an important role in reducing the impact of these medical conditions on our lives in the future.

Our company aim is to develop products that will help to maintain good health and, working together with research institutes, to research new dietary supplements and functional foods that will be based on quality scientific evidence and will complement stem cell and regenerative medicine. In this way we pursue the 3 goals for satisfaction of the company philosophy.

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